Soulframe: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay & More |  Digital trends

Soulframe: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay & More | Digital trends

Soulframe is an upcoming MMO from Digital Extremes, the developer War frame. Announced during TennoCon 2022, the game is currently shrouded in mystery, though a lengthy reveal trailer gave fans their first look at this fantastic new world.

In sharp contrast to War framefast gameplay and sci-fi environment, Soulframe it draws from nature and tries to create a slower, more methodical style of play. Here’s everything we know, from release date and launch platforms to gameplay details and available trailers Soulframe.

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Date of publication

Soulframe doesn’t have a release date yet. Development seems to be just started on the game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it took several years to complete. This means that 2022 is clearly out of the picture and 2023 is highly unlikely.


No official platforms have been announced Soulframe at this time. We would expect it to evolve in a similar way to War frame — i.e. PC version followed by console ports — though it’s unclear if it will arrive on both last-gen and next-gen consoles. With a release date so far in the future, we’d be surprised if PS4 and Xbox One versions were in the works.

The same goes for the Switch, which may not have the processing power to run a game of this scale — unless, of course, Digital Extremes makes a few concessions for the port.


The official movie reveal is Soulframesingle trailer. At just six minutes long, it offers hints of the vibe Digital Extremes is trying to capture and how radically different it is from War frame. You can check it out below.


No official game has been revealed, but an interview with Steve Sinclair, ex War frame director, helped shed some light on what players can expect when they dive into the new fantasy game.

“Where War frame focuses on shooting, this one is focused on close combat,” Sinclair said. “Where War frame is super fast and insanely high speed, this will be much slower and harder. But it still has a lot of similarities to the genre we’re experienced with.”

Soulframe he is also described as “sister”. war frame, instead of a sequel, with procedurally generated levels and a heavy focus on co-op play, but with a radically different setting and a new story to tell. Geoff Crookes, Creative Director at Soulframehe said that there will be more emphasis on exploration and the mushroom world, which is huge.

Combat will be much slower than its predecessor, with melee action that is slow and methodical. Despite the name, however Soulframe takes no inspiration Dark souls or Elden Ring. The team doesn’t want to share specific details on how the system will work right now, but it sounds like they’ll be giving fans regular updates as development progresses.

Digital Extremes hopes it can Soulframe same lifespan as War framewith Sinclair stating that he wanted to “spend as much time as possible Soulframe as [he] has s War frame.” If so, expect this free game to steal another decade of your time.


A group of Soulframe characters in heavy armor.

Soulframe has a strong focus on co-op play, but has given no indication of what that will look like. If it’s anything like War frame, expect to find large open zones that host dozens of players, with instances of levels offering dedicated content for a small party. Everything about SoulframeMultiplayer is just speculation at this point, but the team has undoubtedly built a solid foundation War frame.

While co-op play seems to be the core Soulframethere was no mention of competitive PvP. War frame players have largely ignored this aspect in favor of its chaotic PvE, and it’s possible Soulframe he completely forgives it. But just because Digital Extremes hasn’t revealed it yet doesn’t mean it won’t exist. There are plenty of melee-based multiplayer games to draw inspiration from, including For honor and helland it will be interesting to see if PvP fits into the developer’s plans.

Pre-order bonuses

Soulframe will be a free-to-play title upon launch. There are currently no pre-order bonuses available, though we may see a crop of premium packs in the coming years as we get closer to release.

To learn more, you can check out Soulframe official website.

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