Certain Pokemon GO bugs can cause issues with the incense item (Image via Niantic)

How to fix incense not working bugs in Pokemon GO

Incense is a widely useful item in Pokemon GO because it has the ability to attract nearby Pokemon for a set amount of time. However, occasional glitches can prevent Pokemon from spawning, making incense useless.

Fortunately, the Pokemon GO community has found several fixes that can resolve incense bugs in the game. Niantic has also provided workarounds and workarounds to help players with these activities as well. These fixes are not uniform and will not apply to all players depending on the circumstances, but should help a wide range of trainers who are experiencing incense issues. Below, trainers can find some of the most common fixes that address Incense not spawning Pokemon.

Pokemon GO: Common Fixes for Incense Spawning Issues

A working incense is much preferred to a bugged one (Image via Niantic)

It is also important to note that Pokemon GO should also have access to the player’s map and GPS location, as this is how the augmented reality game tracks the player’s position over time. If possible, the map and GPS should be set to “Always Enable” for the mobile title to ensure no issues in the future. Using other apps like Google Fit can also be useful, not only for the added rewards it brings, but also to better track a player’s movement.

If all else fails, it might not be a bad idea to clear the app cache from your device’s app settings. Caching issues can occasionally cause problems with the game accessing previously saved data. While this isn’t directly related to the way incense works in-game, it never hurts to clear the game’s cache every once in a while to keep it running smoothly. Logging out and logging back into the game using a different account method (Google, Facebook, Pokemon Trainer Club) can also sometimes resolve a number of issues. If all else fails, trainers will simply need to uninstall the app, remove all associated files, and reinstall it to verify the integrity of the game files.

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