Be quiet!  Celebrating 20 years with the new FX product line

Be quiet! Celebrating 20 years with the new FX product line

be quiet! is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The first product under the be quiet! was launched in 2002: a noise dampening mat. In 2014, the first be quiet! the chassis saw the light of day.

be quiet!, the German manufacturer of premium PC components, celebrates its 20th anniversary today. Founded near Hamburg, Germany as a distribution company for PC components, Listan GmbH soon saw the potential in silent PC components. The first product under the brand “be quiet!” was launched in 2002: a noise dampening mat, followed in 2003 by a PC power supply equipped with noise reduction technology. Be quiet in 2009! introduced the first Silent Wings case fan, followed a year later by CPU coolers. In 2014, the first be quiet! the chassis saw the light of day.

Be quiet in the last 20 years! has introduced critically acclaimed products such as the Silent Wings fan line and the Dark Rock CPU cooler line, and revolutionary high-end products such as the Dark Base Pro 900 PC chassis and the Dark Power Pro 12 PSU. To celebrate this important milestone, keep quiet! introduces a new FX product line to its portfolio, consisting of the Pure Base 500 FX chassis, the Pure Loop 2 FX AIO water cooler series and the Pure Rock 2 FX air cooler. The unifying theme of these FX products is easy to spot: keep quiet! fully embraced ARGB!

Pure Base 500 FX
What happens when you upgrade one of be quiet!’s most popular PC cases, the Pure Base 500DX, with more ARGB functionality? The result is the Pure Base 500 FX, which offers the same design, rounded feature set and ease of installation as its predecessor, but adds ARGB lighting effects inside the chassis and additional cooling fans by replacing the three Pure Wings 2 140mm fans with four Light Wings ARGB fans (3x 120 mm and 1x 140 mm). For easier control, the Pure Base 500 FX includes a hub for up to six ARGB devices and six PWM fans. The Pure Base 500 FX is available for a suggested retail price of $149.90 / €149.90 / £146.99.

Pure Loop 2 FX
Compared to the current Pure Loop series, the Pure Loop 2 FX brings a stunning improvement to this AIO water cooler: the white LEDs around the cooling block are replaced by ARGB LEDs, while the high-speed Pure Wings 2 PWM fans on the cooler make way for the high-speed Light Wings PWM fans for higher static pressure and better visual effects. By popular demand, the PWM pump is now adjustable, allowing for better fine-tuning of the balance between power and noise. In addition, the water cooler includes an ARGB and PWM fan hub. The Pure Loop 2 FX is available in three models for an RRP of $129.90 / $129.90 / £123.90 (240mm), $139.90 / $139.90 / £129.99 (280mm ) and $154.90 / $154.90 ($154.90 / £60.90) ).

Pure Rock 2 FX
Last but not least, the popular mainstream Pure Rock 2 air cooler has received an FX-style upgrade, where the Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM fan is replaced with high-speed 120mm PWM Light Wings for better performance and ARGB support. . The Pure Rock 2 FX will be available for a suggested retail price of $52.90 / €52.90 / £46.99.

All FX products are available online and in stores starting today. During the months of August and September, select partners are offering these products at special promotional prices of up to $30 / €30 off RRP. Please see the dedicated landing page for a list of participating partners, more information on the history of be quiet! or worldwide annual raffle.

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