Next-level milkshakes are coming to South Guelph

Next-level milkshakes are coming to South Guelph

“These days, people want something different, something different,” said Mitin Kapadia, co-owner of Holy Shakes and Kathi Roll Eatery.

It’s not every day a restaurant offers both milkshakes and Asian fusion cuisine, but a new franchise with both in Guelph’s south end is attracting customers in and out of town.

Mitin Kapadia is the co-owner of Holy Shakes and Kathi Roll Eatery in Guelph, both located at 105 Clair Rd. E. After opening a Holy Shakes location in Waterloo, Kapadia and his franchise partner moved the business to the south end of Guelph. The store had a soft launch on July 21.

“We chose this brand because of the quality,” Kapadia said of the store. “Our quality is amazing.”

Holy Shakes offers over 100 flavors of gourmet milkshakes along with ice cream, waffles and desserts. Kapadia notes that they sell classic milkshakes, seasonal milkshakes and something called “Freakshakes,” which are milkshakes with a slice of cheesecake, waffle or cupcake placed on top. He said Freakshakes are popular for their visual appeal for photos.

“People love it, they see the food and they come,” Kapadia said, noting that people from Cambridge and Hamilton have come to try the milkshake. “Last Friday, Saturday (of the long weekend), oh my God, we were so busy.

While these thick milkshakes are made with milk and ice cream, Holy Shakes has gluten-free, low-carb, low-carb and dairy-free alternatives available. To view the full offer, click this link.

Since milkshakes are made to order, all Holy Shakes franchises follow standard recipes for their production. Kapadia explains that it takes time to get the proportions right for these recipes, and customers may have to wait for their order. But he said many customers don’t mind the wait.

“We’re trying to make it quick, we’re trying to accommodate the customer,” Kapadia said. “It takes time, but 99 percent of customers get it.”

Milkshakes and desserts are served in glass bottles and cans. When customers finish their meal, they can choose to recycle the bottle through the store’s recycling program or keep the bottle to bring in for their next order to receive a discount.

On the savory side, residents can enjoy Asian fusion cuisine from Kathi Roll Eatery, which offers options for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

“These days, people want something different, something different,” Kapadia said, noting that Kathi Roll Eatery recently launched an ‘epic vegetarian menu’ featuring items like the Veggie Egg burger or the Chow Mein Burger on a veggie patty. Delivers chicken and waffles are also popular on the menu.

Holy Shakes and Kathi Roll Eatery were founded in Toronto by franchise owners Sumit Kohli and Neero Lingan.

Kohli said Kathi Roll Eatery started 10 years ago in Dundas Square with food trucks, while Holy Shakes started three years ago. Today, both businesses have 14 locations and plan to expand to 25 locations by next year.

“We’re so happy to be in Guelph, it’s such a tight-knit community,” Kohli said. “We create desserts and sweets to bring people together, to bring happiness.”

Holy Shakes and Kathi Roll Eatery are open daily from 12pm to 11pm Holy Shakes is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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