Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of 'waging a vindictive war' in new winery feud

Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of ‘waging a vindictive war’ in new winery feud

In February, Pitt sued Jolie over what his lawsuit called an “illegal” sale of her stake in Château Miraval, a country estate and winery in the south of France that the couple acquired in 2008.

In a countersuit filed this week, obtained by CNN, Jolie accused her ex-husband Brad Pitt of “waging a vindictive war against her” and “hijacking” control of the lucrative wine business they once shared.

Pitt and Jolie were married at the property in 2014 and will spend the holidays there as a family, according to Pitt’s suit.

After doing so, Jolie’s lawsuit, filed on behalf of her former company Nouvel LLC, alleges that Pitt “and his allies” took “illegal and malicious acts” with the intent to “injure” Jolie and Nouvel “by devaluing her investments and depriving her of her proper a role in the management of Chateau Miraval, a world-renowned producer of rosé wine.”

Jolie is seeking at least $250 million in damages.

CNN has reached out to representatives for Pitt and Jolie for comment.

The countersuit alleges that Pitt “conceived a so far successful plan to take control of Chateau Miraval” and mishandled trademark registrations, which had “devastating financial consequences” for Nouvel.

“Pitt has frozen Nouvel out of Chateau Miraval and considers it his personal fiefdom,” the suit says.

It also says that Pitt “engaged in a multifaceted, years-long campaign to seize control of Chateau Miraval and appropriate the company’s assets for his own benefit and that of his own companies and friends.”

In his claim, Pitt claimed that Jolie “did nothing to direct (the) growth” of the business, which he turned into a “multi-million dollar international success”.

Jolie’s countersuit disputes this, saying that “Pitt refused to give Jolie or Nouvel equal access to Chateau Miraval records or an equal voice over management,” in effect “holding the most significant portion of her net worth hostage.”

Jolie exited the business in October 2021, selling Nouvel and its stake in Miraval Tenute del Mondo, a subsidiary of the Stoli Group, controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler.

Pitt’s lawsuit claims the sale was illegal because he and Jolie agreed when they bought Château Miraval that neither would sell without the other’s consent. But Jolie’s countersuit claims she made the sale after negotiations between Jolie and Pitt to sell Nouvel to Pitt fell apart because of “a provision barring Jolie from speaking publicly about the events that led to the breakup of their marriage.”

“Pitt knew that much of Jolie’s wealth and liquidity was tied up in Nouvel, and he used that fact to try to force Jolie to agree to his unreasonable terms,” ​​her countersuit says.

Pitt’s lawsuit did not specify the amount sought as damages, but included a request for “such relief as the court deems just and proper.”

In 2019, Pitt and Jolie’s marriage was granted an annulment, but their legal battle over property and custody of their minor children continues.

A California appeals court ruled last year that a former judge hired by both sides to rule on the custody dispute should be disqualified because of undisclosed ties to Pitt’s lawyers.
In 2020, Jolie told Vogue India that she broke up with Pitt for the sake of her children.
Pitt told GQ in 2017 that he had quit drinking after “bingeing” too much the previous year.
In a June 2022 interview with British GQ, he spoke about recently finding peace.

“I’ve always felt very alone in my life,” he told the publication, “alone growing up as a kid, alone out here, and it really wasn’t until recently that I had more of a hug from my friends and family.”

CNN’s Taylor Romaine and Chloe Melas contributed to this report.

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