Microsoft Flight Simulator Eurofighter Typhoon

Microsoft Flight Simulator Eurofighter Typhoon & Airbus A319 announced


Today, third-party developers revealed two relevant aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Today, third-party developers revealed two relevant aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’re kicking things off with a brand new brand (pun intended), CJ Simulations, who have announced the Eurofighter Typhoon in collaboration with DC Designs.

It’s worth noting that CJ Simulations is CodenameJack, who normally does coding and flight model design for DC Designs.

You can read the official announcement, watch the trailer and plenty of screenshots below.

Today I’m extremely excited to reveal that I’ve been working with a brand new developer for a few months now on a new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will be released in October 2022 for PC and Xbox. The developer is CJ Simulations and owned by none other than my main coder and flight model expert, CodenameJack.

The aircraft is a CJ Simulations Eurofighter Typhoon. This is a highly detailed rendering of the aircraft with a fully functional cockpit modeled and coded as close to the real aircraft as possible, a custom delta-canard flight model, multiple colors and all associated special effects. Jack worked hard to make the visual representation as close to the actual aircraft as possible based on the available data.

I’ll let the pictures and video link speak for themselves. The Typhoon is a very popular modern fighter aircraft that has not yet been applied to MSFS and as a result was the project we agreed on in Spring 2022. There are plans for more aircraft from CJ Simulations in the future, but for now sit back and enjoy images and videos before release.

Furthermore, LatinVFR revealed that it is working on the Airbus A319

The full reveal will come tomorrow, but it will likely be based on the default Airbus A320neo, like LatinVFR’s Airbus A321neo.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for PC (Windows 10 and Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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