How to earn PSN money with PlayStation Stars, Sony's new loyalty program, live now

How to earn PSN money with PlayStation Stars, Sony’s new loyalty program, live now

Sony launched PlayStation Stars, its new loyalty program for PlayStation, which definitely was No once an NFT thing they converted to “normal” digital collectibles. But here we are.

PlayStation Stars seems a little goofy on the surface with these collectibles to earn, but it provides a real way to earn money in the form of PSN Wallet funds over time. So what’s the deal?

First, there are four levels of PlayStation Stars that you’ll move through with additional purchases and trophy acquisitions. I should also mention that PS Stars is watched almost exclusively from the PlayStation mobile app right now.

  • Level 1 Milestones – Joined the program and started completing “campaigns”.
  • Level 1 benefits – Digital collectibles by completing campaigns, one collectible.
  • Level 2 Milestones – Purchased one full game from the PlayStation Store and earned one unusual trophy
  • Level 2 benefits – Level 2 Celebration collectible and access to all level 1 collectibles.
  • Level 3 Milestones – Bought two full games from the PlayStation Store and got 32 unusual trophies (I assume this is retroactive)
  • Level 3 benefits – Level 3 Collectible Celebration and Birthday Collectible
  • Level 4 Milestones – Purchased four full games from the PlayStation Store and earned 128 unusual trophies
  • Level 4 benefits – Celebration collectible, all tier 1-3 collectibles, and the controversial “Chat Priority Routing” via customer service.

Okay, so with all that said, where’s the money? And that’s through a separate point system that works across all of these levels as you progress through them. You can earn points in PlayStation Stars in two ways:

  1. Purchase items from the PS Store/subscribe to PS Plus
  2. Completing point campaigns

Campaigns are not like game campaigns. These are specific goals given to you through the PlayStation stars app, which can be things like playing a game with friends, using new console features, and solving puzzles. These will rotate frequently and you will find them in your application.

You can use points to buy other digital collectibles, certain points-only games, or exchange them for PSN Wallet funds, ie. money (which you have to spend on other PlayStation stuff).

The earning rate for purchases seems to be that for every $500 spent, you’d earn 5,000 points, which translates into $20 in PSN store funds. It’s not yet clear how many points these campaigns will give you individually, although it’s probably nowhere near that and you’d have to farm a lot. But when it comes to cashback loyalty programs, it’s not terrible.

I mean, you could too, right? It’s free, and if you’re spending money on PlayStation stuff and earning trophies anyway, you can also join Stars for some potential rewards. Again, the whole “digital collectibles” thing is pretty weird and nonsensical and definitely screams “discontinued web game” to me, but whatever. The rest seems fine.

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