Resident Evil Village had to shrink Lady D for its playable debut, director says

Resident Evil Village had to shrink Lady D for its playable debut, director says

When Resident Evil Village‘with Winters expansion kicks off on October 28th, survival horror fans will have the chance to revisit a haunted Eastern European village and experience the coda story of Ethan Winters as his daughter Rose. Capcom also plans to release a major update VillageA replayable The Mercenaries mode that allows players to control villains such as Lady Alcina Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg, as well as Resident Evil veteran Chris Redfield. This is much more diverse than the current version of The Mercenaries, which allows players to fight the hordes of the village as old face Ethan.

Polygon recently spoke with Resident Evil Village Winters expansion game director Kento Kinoshita, who answered some of our most pressing questions about The Mercenaries updates and what players can expect when they step on Lady D’s heels later this month. Read our full email Q&A with Kinoshita.

Polygon: Can you discuss your process for adapting characters like Lady Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg for The Mercenaries? Both seem to be quite different from the type of characters players have controlled in previous versions of the mode.

Kento Kinoshita: At first, we thought the new additions should be popular characters that fans would want to play as. We ran into some issues along the way, but our development team’s enthusiasm and problem solving made it possible to add three incredibly popular characters. When adapting them for The Mercenaries, we made a conscious effort to give each of them their own distinct feel. Chris is a hybrid character that combines ranged attacks (firearms) with melee (fists). Meanwhile, Heisenberg uses the magnetic force to unleash melee attacks. Finally, Lady Dimitrescu uses her large stature to deliver devastating blows that are extremely powerful.

Will players really have a 9-foot view when they play for Lady D? Or is she “scaled down” to roughly match the height of the other characters?

Lady Dimitrescu’s height presented a lot of challenges during development, but in the end we were able to implement her with a giant figure, taller than any of the other characters. For The Mercenaries, it’s necessary for the player to be able to easily control their character, and to make that possible, we adjusted their height to just under nine feet. At that height, the player barely avoids hitting the ceiling.

How did the idea of ​​throwing furniture as an attack on Lady D come about?

When considering actions to give Lady Dimitrescu, we first went back and looked at everything she did in the story campaign. Most of Dimitrescu’s behavior in human form is either pretty plain or wouldn’t feel great about performing those actions as a player, but there’s one scene where he throws a whole lot of vanity that leaves such a lasting impression. That moment really stood out and it looked like it would be so much fun. In the design proposal, the mere words “you can throw a vanity” generated a lot of laughter and excitement among the development team, so instead of sweating details like “where does the furniture come from?”, we just focused on making it a fun and interesting attack.

Image: Capcom

What elements of the fan reaction to Lady D did you want to incorporate into her appearance and abilities in The Mercenaries?

I already touched on this in one of the previous questions, but even though we knew it would be difficult to implement such a tall figure, we decided it was too important not to. We were also able to express her two sides – the calm, dignified side and the excited, deranged side – using the Thrill Gauge system. Her three daughters were also very well received by fans, so we decided to include them as one of Lady Dimitrescu’s events.

In the trailer for The Mercenaries: Additional Orders, Chris punches SIX enemies at once. Does Chris Redfield have superpowers? Can he secretly Hadouken?

Initially, Chris Redfield’s punch had an attack radius that was more consistent with his visuals, but we’ve received a lot of feedback that this often misses enemies. So to make sure it feels good and you can land every hit you know you should, we’ve changed it to attack a large area in front of you! Chris is human so he doesn’t have any special powers, but we’re talking about Chris hitting a boulder. His fists are definitely capable enough. Additionally, we gave each character their own unique abilities. We’ve included a wide variety, including abilities that strengthen Chris’s fists, boost his firearm attacks, and more. We hope you enjoy the variety in each run it offers.

Chris Redfield lands a right hook on a giant first-person zombie creature in Resident Evil Village's The Mercenaries mode.

Image: Capcom

Resident Evil VillageAll of ‘s The Mercenaries’ new playable characters look very impressive. How did you balance them for the difficulty level of the mode?

A big part of The Mercenaries is the sense of excitement, so all the new playable characters are incredibly powerful. But to get a high score, you need to chain combos and defeat enemies quickly. We hope that players will try to deal with the different challenges that arise with each of the characters.

Will players be able to purchase items from The Duke while playing as Lady D, Heisenberg and Chris? If so, what kind of items will they have access to?

New characters can also purchase items and weapon upgrades from The Duke. Unlike Ethan, they can’t buy weapons, but they are able to gain abilities, which makes playing even as the same character feel new depending on what you’ve acquired.

What is your favorite new addition Resident Evil VillageIs there a mode in The Mercenaries that people might not know about?

We’ve added around 20 different unlockables, including new stages and abilities, while also adjusting the difficulty and frequency of these so that you don’t lose motivation to keep playing. Unlocking the LZ Answerer might have been quite difficult in the original game, but with The Mercenaries Additional Orders it is possible to obtain it while using the newly added characters. If you failed to unlock it before, why not try again?

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