Beware the dangers that lurk in the dark in these Minecraft modpacks (Image via 69ShadesOfPeanut/CurseForge)

Top 5 Spooky Minecraft Modpacks to Play This Halloween (2022)

Halloween is fast approaching, and Minecraft players will surely want to jump at the chance to enjoy all the spookiness the community has to offer. Fortunately, there are countless mods, modpacks, and maps that will give fans more than just a few scares.

With so much horror content available for Minecraft lovers, it can be tricky to figure out which content best suits your taste. The same can be said for modpacks, which can reset the entire game and make survival against otherworldly terrors lurking in the dark much more difficult.

There are too many horror modpacks to count, but in 2022 there are plenty worth mentioning. As you enjoy your spooky season, try out these packs and see if they give you a scare or two.

Rating horror modpacks for Minecraft players in 2022

5) Horror Island

Horror Island retains a vanilla feel but can be quite terrifying (Image via mustardsean2/CurseForge)Experience the acclaimed Backrooms all within Minecraft (Image via ovenproofmeteor/CurseForge)

The pack also provides some additional features that you wouldn’t find in traditional Minecraft that can help you in your attempts to survive and escape the dangers lurking nearby.

3) Horror craft

Unknown horrors await in every passage in Horror Craft (Image via 69ShadesOfPeanut/CurseForge)The parasitic entity of this modpack has warped and distorted the face of the world (Image via textConjure/YouTube)

The parasite has warped the common creatures of the world beyond recognition and they are incredibly hostile. Be sure to arm yourself as best you can because the Parasite is coming for you too.

1) Mustard virus

Mustard Virus has been one of the most successful horror modpacks in Minecraft (Image via mustardsean2/9Minecraft)
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