Luigi’s Mansion Could Have Been A Nintendo 64 Disc Drive Game

Luigi’s Mansion could have been a Nintendo 64 disc drive game

It’s no secret that a large number of games later released for the Nintendo GameCube were originally planned for release on the Nintendo 64 and Luigi’s mansion there is no other.

This, as well as a host of other interesting tidbits about the iconic GameCube title under Luigi, comes in the form of a fantastic YouTube video from Video Game Docs, a high-quality documentary/video essay channel dedicated to the world of video games. by Justin Schofield.

If you’re not too well versed in any of Nintendo’s failed projects, the Nintendo 64 Disc Drive (otherwise known as the 64DD) was a magnetic disk drive peripheral for the Nintendo 64. It was announced in 1995, before it was released. actual console in 1996, but didn’t actually see a release until three years later in 1999.

In total, the 64DD only had 9 games released in floppy disk form, with one additional disk being the Randnet Disk, a dialup utility disk that allowed the Nintendo 64 to connect to the Internet through a dedicated online service called Randnet. Many games were planned to be released as floppy discs for the 64DD, but were either released on cartridge only, were canceled entirely, or were later released on other, more powerful consoles. Luigi’s mansion said to be one of the last.

Hideki Konno, director Luigi’s mansionstated in previous interviews that the prototyping phase Luigi’s mansion saw it as a Nintendo 64 title, but these prototypes were linked to the Nintendo 64DD prototypes “a game where the levels revolved around a large complex of buildings or a mansion”. Putting it all together, it is believed that these 64DD prototypes were actually pro Luigi’s Lock before it was eventually moved to the GameCube.

The video itself also has a lot of really great insights Luigi’s mansion in development stages, as well as an overview of the game itself and the future of the series. Here is just some more information:

  • Settings Luigi’s mansion went through several different changes. It was originally supposed to be a huge Japanese-style ninja house, and then they moved it to an apartment complex before finally dropping into the American-style mansion we see in the final product. Additionally, the original plan for the mansion was to be a dollhouse before they eventually decided to make it a full-sized haunted house when the game’s goal changed.
  • As Luigi’s mansion was a launch title for the Nintendo GameCube, and while it was a game originally planned with more limited options, the designers behind the game ended up having a say in what the GameCube would need to Luigi’s mansion work. This meant that the GameCube was capable of “dynamic lighting with really sharp shadows” as a result. Luigi’s mansion.
  • Luigi’s mansion it was almost Mario’s Mansion, because Mario was designed as the main character, while the game was still supposed to take place in a dollhouse. However, since Mario is considered a pretty brave guy who wouldn’t be afraid of ghosts and ‘it wasn’t part of his personality to be surprised or scared’, they decided to make Luigi the main character. This was due to the fact that Luigi had already developed a reputation as a “coward” in small bits of Nintendo media in the past.

That’s just a fraction of the really good stuff mentioned in this video essay, so I highly recommend watching the entire 35-minute video. It is a solid conglomerate of interviews and information about Luigi’s mansion, as well as a great exploration of one of my favorite GameCube games! Consider it Ruby Recommends Redux.

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