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Nahida’s top 5 on-field DPS teams in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players can take advantage of a wide variety of teams that utilize Nahida, the game’s newest 5-star character. Nahida is one of the best Dendro characters in the game so far and is an incredible choice to play on and off the field. He can support allies with massive buffs to elemental mastery, along with activating a lot of reactions with his elemental ability.

Fans can also use Nahida as a DPS option on the field that can activate reactions like Spread, Bloom, Hyperbloom and more. Here, players can find five of Nahida’s best DPS teams on the field that take full advantage of her unique set.

5 great DPS Genshin Impact teams on the field for Nahida

Nahida can fit into many different lineups in Genshin Impact thanks to her ability to consistently deal damage to Dendro both on and off the field. Players can include her in a wide variety of teams that focus on both single target damage and AOE (area of ​​effect) damage, and her versatility allows her to be one of the strongest 5-star Genshin to date.

Fans who want to take full advantage of her kit’s powerful applications may want to try her out on a DPS team in a spot where she can handle tons of reactions. Here are a few to consider:

5) Burning (Nahida, Kazuha, Xiangling, Bennett)

This team uses Nahida to trigger a Burning reaction, allowing her to constantly deal massive damage to enemies based on her Elemental Mastery. With teammates like Bennett and Xiangling, Nahida will definitely have plenty of Pyro to create a Burning Reaction with, and with her Dendro-infused Normal Attacks, she can constantly activate this reaction to knock down enemies with ease.

4) Burgeon (Nahida, Xingqiu, Thoma, Kokomi)

This team is more of a quick-change team, but Genshin Impact players can choose to have Nahida on the field after activating their Elemental Bursts to generate as many Dendro Cores as possible.

With Xingqiu and Kokomi, Nahida will have plenty of Hydro to combine her Dendro with, allowing her to create tons of these cores through Bloom’s reaction. After these cores appear, Thoma’s Elemental Burst will cause them to explode with a Burgeon reaction, dealing tons of damage to enemies in the AOE. This can be a particularly strong team against large groups of enemies.

3) Spread (Nahida, Fischl, Kuki, Yae/Raiden)

This team focuses on generating as much Electra as possible in order for Nahida to activate Spread’s reaction, allowing her Dendro damage to be greatly amplified.

Spread boosts Nahida’s elemental skill and normal attack damage through the roof, allowing her to deal tens of thousands of damage if players have enough elemental mastery on their team. This can be a great way to take down single targets like Genshin Impact tank bosses.

2) Hyperbloom (Nahida, Xingqiu, Raiden Shogun, Zhongli/Yelan/Kazuha)

Nahida can work exceptionally well as a driver for Hyperbloom’s reaction, as she can constantly generate Dendro Cores for characters like Raiden Shogun to activate with Electro. This causes the core to fire a powerful projectile that deals tons of damage to enemies, especially if Raiden Shogun has enough Elemental Mastery.

Players will mostly want Nahida on the field after Raiden and Xingqiu activate their abilities off the field, as this will allow her to generate as many Hyperbloom cores as possible.

Fans can also create a more affordable version of this team with 4-star characters using Xingqiu, Kuki Shinobu, and Sucrose. This version of the team will hit just as hard, though fans will have to replace Nahida more often due to the lack of constant Electro application without Raiden.

1) Rich cores (Nilou, Nahida, Barbara/Kokomi, Xingqiu/Yelan)

Although this team was previously mostly played by swapping characters to create Bountiful Cores, with the addition of Nahida to Genshin Impact, fans can easily generate lots of these explosive cores to deal insane damage to enemies.

With Nahida’s naturally high Elemental Mastery and even more stat buffs through her Elemental Burst, fans will be able to deal incredible AOE damage just by activating Bloom’s reaction with her. This is definitely one of the strongest Nahida teams in the game.

Genshin Impact players have a lot of different ways to play Nahida, and all of them are incredibly powerful.

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