Netflix's war film 'Quiet on the Western Front' will leave you thinking

Netflix’s war film ‘Quiet on the Western Front’ will leave you thinking

Netflix’s latest German epic, All quiet on the western front bathes in mud, blood and the horrors of war.


The movie is worth every minute spent watching it.

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Three words that perfectly sum up the film: intense, brutal, scary.

🎬 Quiet on the Western Front (2022) – Netflix Intense • Brutal • Terrifying Top anti-war film from Germany with extraordinary attention to detail in the narrative and cinematography, showing the horrific nature of war with minor hiccups. Highly recommended. 1/2

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I hope the academy is listening.

“Silence on the Western Front” on Netflix is ​​a masterpiece, probably one of the greatest war movies ever made. If the Oscars are interested in foreign films, this one should get all the awards

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One of the few films of recent times where audiences and critics agree.

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A professor who teaches the novel on which the film is based finds the film “tremendous”.

I just saw the new All Quiet on the Western Front directed by Edward Berger for Netflix. The movie is wonderful and I highly recommend it – but as I teach the novel, my view of the movie is not typical, so here is a thread about the movie as a literary adaptation. 1/12

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Only the dead saw the end of the war.

I watched “All Quiet on the Western Front” on Netflix last night. A reminder of what a privileged few, sitting comfortably and safely 50 miles behind the front lines, can make millions of men do to each other.

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Will this film bring Netflix its first Oscar?

Netflix needs to realize that their best bet this year is All Quiet On The Western Front, so you all need to watch it ASAP and make sure everyone you know is watching it. That’s how they realize it

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Most viewers praise the film in superlatives.

Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western Front is the best new movie I’ve seen this year, and probably the most intense war movie I’ve ever seen.

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Sounds like a fun idea.

There should be an anime adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front where all the main characters are cute anime girls, but otherwise it’s a VERY faithful retelling of the story. Frankly, most things should be adapted that way if they have to be adapted.

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Hard to beat this movie for its anti-war message.

Last night I watched a bit of Netflix All Quiet On The Western Front (it’s a lot to take in), I just finished the movie in the evening. It’s amazing, but brutal. There has never been a stronger message about the futility of war.

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Some believe sensitive viewers should be warned before viewing this visceral film.

We just watched the new All Quiet on the Western Front and it was so dark and bleak so I’ll give you a warning before you watch. If you are very sensitive – maybe skip it. It’s pretty disturbing, but we shouldn’t glorify Hollywood war – this show doesn’t do that.

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Some recalled the novel on which the film is based.

Watching Netflix’s spectacular “All Quiet on the Western Front” brought me back to reading in high school. Are teenagers still reading this? (Perfect age because the characters are teenagers.) I can’t imagine reading it now and coming out to… (waves his hand over all of this).

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Well, you can’t please everyone!

Netflix’s version of All Quiet on the Western Front absolutely beats one of the best World War I novels ever written. If you liked the book but have never seen the movie, I would recommend the 1979 version starring Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine.

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Sounds crazy, right?

It’s crazy to me that wars used to be fought by running straight into enemy forces while they were shooting at you. (Monitoring the Calm on the Western Front)

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Finally, many viewers draw the correct conclusions from the film.

it’s easy to get overwhelmed in a society that demands you have an opinion on everything, but yesterday on the western front I watched everything in silence and good god. what a sobering reminder that the most important thing I can be is anti-authoritarian and anti-war.

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