Rainbow Six Siege Solar Raid

Rainbow Six Siege is getting crossplay, NieR: Automata skins and more

Long-term competitive tactical shooter from Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving what appears to be one of its biggest content updates to date. First released in 2015, the latest seasonal launch will mark the game’s seventh full year of updates since launch – an impressive run. She called Solar Raida new season begins December 6, 2022.

Solar Raid comes with a large number of updates and introduces long-awaited features such as crossplay and cross-progression, which will hopefully provide the ability for the game to attract a wider and more active player base in the future. Console players on the PlayStation and Xbox ecosystems will be able to connect, match against each other and chat with each other – however, the console versions will not have crossplay with the PC version. Rainbow Six wins. But that is far from the extent of things.

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Ubisoft has also partnered with Square Enix to bring cosmetic inspired skins NieR series of games. This includes a set inspired by 2B, the main character NieR: Automata for Operator Ian, as well as a skin for Operator Maverick based on the protagonist NieR Replicant ver.122474487139…. Both sets are available now.

Rainbow Six Siege also makes some inventive changes to its battle pass system. Usually, battle passes in games work on a linear progression – as you play the game and complete specific tasks, you will gradually earn a set of rewards. However, Siege implements a battle pass with branched paths, which allows players to choose their path through the available rewards, focusing on the ones that are most useful to them and ignoring the others that aren’t. It’s a nifty sounding system.

Solar Raid also introduces changes to how Rainbow Six Siege handles rated play. A player’s competitive ranking will now be determined by how many “value points” they win or lose after each match instead of Matchmaking Rating (MMR), with players progressing to the next ranked division after gaining 100 ranking points. Additionally, there will be no MMR restrictions on who you can team up with – although the game will still use MMR to try to create even matchups.

In the new season, of course, a new playable operator will appear – a defender named Solis. She brought the total number of playable characters to 66, and her unique abilities include the ability to see attackers’ devices as well as trigger a cluster scan to highlight selected attackers’ devices to the entire team. He can equip either a P90 submachine gun or an ITA 12L shotgun as his primary weapon, and a compact but effective SMG-11 as his sidearm.

Nighthaven Labs. Image: Ubisoft

Along with Solis, there is also a new map called Nighthaven Labs. It is described as an arena that allows for “free navigational flows” and features multiple access points for attackers, providing a number of opportunities for creative follow-up strategies. Although it sounds like a frenetic match, it also offers views of the ocean, clear blue skies and green cliffs – which you can enjoy if you have a few minutes to spare outside.

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Solar Raid will be available on December 6, 2022.

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