Pearson Airport Named North America's Most Stressful Airport and 'Embarrassing'

Pearson Airport Named North America’s Most Stressful Airport and ‘Embarrassing’

Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) has been trying to restore its tarnished reputation since the summer, but despite some recent improvements, people don’t seem to be very quick to forget the airport’s troubles.

Pearson Airport was just named the “most stressful” airport in North America and the fourth most stressful airport in the world.

A recent study by HawaiianIslands examined more than 1,500 Google reviews for more than 500 airports around the world to determine the percentage of reviews indicating a stressful airport experience.

This data revealed that 76% of passengers traveling through Pearson said they were stressed.

“According to sentiment analysis by TensiStrength, 76.0% of reviews of Toronto Pearson International Airport indicate stress, the most of any airport in North America,” the study says. “Some of the most frequently cited phrases in negative reviews include ‘customs,’ ‘immigration,’ ‘layover,’ ’embarrassment,’ and ‘lost luggage.'” According to FlightAware data compiled by CNN Travel, 52.5% of flights scheduled between May 26 and July 19, 2022 at Toronto Pearson delayed.”

It’s here again – a reminder of that summer of mayhem.

The study’s findings added insult to injury when it noted that “the busiest airports are not necessarily the most stressful.”

“While New York’s JFK is one of the busiest airports in the world, the most stressful airport in New York – and in the United States – is in Albany. According to sentiment analysis by TensiStrength, 70.2% of Google reviews for Albany International Airport cite stress – the most of any airport in the country,” the study states. “Reviewers routinely warn fellow travelers to fly using JFK or LaGuardia if they have the option.”

In a statement to Narcity, Pearson said between Nov. 7 and Nov. 13, “airline on-time performance fell to 55% versus 59% for the four-week rolling average,” a decline he attributed to dense fog issues during that time period. .

“The percentage of canceled flights remained unchanged at 4%,” the spokesman said.

Looking outside of North America, the UK’s Manchester Airport was named the most stressful airport in the world, with 82.5% of reviews citing stress.

Nine of the world’s 10 most stressed airports are also in Europe, but the study noted that “passengers tend to feel more stressed when traveling in other parts of the world.”

However, other Canadian airports besides Pearson also performed quite poorly.

Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) ranked 19th most stressful in North America with 56.75% of reviews indicating stress.

Canadian airports ranked by stressful reviews. the Hawaiian Islands

Calgary International Airport (YYC) and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) fared better, with stressed reviews below 50%.

Ottawa International Airport fared best, according to the study, with 25.9% of passengers reporting a stressful experience traveling through the airport.

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